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    A bit of History...

    Excerpt from the article Neoclassical Ballet

    "Neoclassical ballet is a genre of dance that emerged in the 1920s and evolved throughout the Twentieth Century. Artists of many disciplines in the early 1900s began to rebel against the overly dramatized style of the Romantic Period. As a result, art returned to a more simplistic style reminiscent of the Classical period. This artistic trend came to be known as Neoclassicism. The ballet choreographer who most exemplified this new, clean aesthetic, was George Balanchine (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Balanchine). He had been a student at the famed Imperial Ballet School, which was (and remains) steadfast in its firm commitment to classical ballet technique. Upon his graduation, Balanchine earned the privilege of choreographing for the Ballets Russes, where he had the opportunity to collaborate with Picasso, Matisse, Chanel, Debussy, Stravinsky and Prokofiev, who were all at the forefront of Neoclassicism. Rather than turning away from his classical training, Balanchine built upon the traditional ballet vocabulary. He extended traditional ballet positions, played with speed and freedom of movement, and incorporated new positions not traditionally seen in ballet. As Balanchine's neoclassical style matured, he produced more plotless, musically driven ballets. Large sets and traditional tutus gave way to clean stages and plain leotards. This simplified external style allowed for the dancers’ movement to become the main artistic medium, which is the hallmark of neoclassical ballet."



    Neoclassical dance is considered as an evolution of the accademic ballet technique. By learning this style you will improve your physical and artistic capacity as a dancer. You will be able to find freedom inside the rigid ballet structure, and you will surprise yourself by creating new dance steps.
    This class is aimed at people who have knowledge and understanding of the ballet fundamentals and would like to challenge themselves!
    The focus of the class is on those skills such as space, rhythm, memory, composition and performance that are essential for a dancer in his professional life relying on famous choreographies that are part of dance legacy.

  • The classes in Neoclassical Dance take place every week:

    Time Friday, 15:15 to 16:30
    Level Intermediate
    Teacher Sara Marin

    You may join the class at any date.

  • Rates:

    Single Lesson (75 Minutes) 30 .-
    10 Lessons Pass 270 .-
    Trial Lesson Free!

    People under the age of 26 or over 64 get a 10% discount when buying a 10 lessons pass.

  • The lessons will be held in english!

    info@dancelight.ch or 044 501 01 07.

    Kleidung: Jazzschlappen, Footsies oder Socken, sowie bequeme Trainingskleidung. Die Lehrperson berät Sie gerne.

    For private lessons please talk directly to Sara Marin.

    There will be no class on 26 May 2017.